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(2)  Book Name: The Interview Secrets (The experts tell all)

Written by: Heather Salter



Language: English

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Publisher’s brief

Preparation is the key to a successful interview whether you are interviewing for a career, or entrance into a graduate program. So the important steps is how  to pass the first process by applying for a good job in the right sector, and writing your CV properly, enclosing the application form with a good letter, these all steps should be included  by preparation for the interview.

The Book of  interview Secrets helps you from the beginning of applying for the job,  through creating a generic CV which can meet the criteria that recruiter is looking for, and change  your mentality from being terrified and inaudible to being confident and persuasive.

The  Author Heater Salter presents to you 50 secrets in this book supported by real stories ,  to help and enhance your skills to conduct a successful interview, and also these secrets will allow you to focus on the skills the employer is looking for and gives you an idea of what they will be asking about.

Mr Heather gives you real-life experience that he lived for 25 years, and teach you a very important guide that contains the secrets told by experts and senior professionals to explore the hidden causes that always contribute in failing of  hundreds appliers for jobs.